A Son’s Memorial to Mother

A mother’s love for her children is beyond measure. From the first to the last, an inseparable bond is ever present between the two. And neither life nor death, or anything in between can break the eternal devotion that a mother has for her child.

Judy Lynn Gaines protected and loved all four of her children to the best of her ability. The lasting bond she shared with her kids was the driving force that brought joy to her life. Though she would experience many heartaches and diversions that altered the course of life, there was never a doubt that she always wanted to know that her children were safe and that their needs were met.

God gave me a gift through my mother that taught me many important lessons in life.

It showed me the emotions that mother’s have for their little ones…and not to fear those emotions. It showed me that when life was frightful & dark that there would always be someone there to protect me and guide me. And through these trials, it showed me that there was someone beyond the stars watching over me.

Life with Mom was full of joy, but not without pain. It was full of laughter, but not without crying. It was full of accomplishments, but not without failure. And it was certainly full of great memories, but not without moments you wish you could forget.

But this is the life of Mother & Son. Life teaches us valuable lessons. And these lessons begin with Mom. We are not here to find fault, if we love. And there is no question that to her last breath, Judy Lynn Gaines loved her children. She loved her son. And her son loved her back. Love is a Journey, as is life. There are peaks and valleys, and lessons along the way.

But in the end it all comes back to one thing: the love of the Savior, that offered us life from antiquity, and demonstrated beyond anyone that ever existed the true measure of love. And for you, Mother, I am eternally grateful that He was the One watching over you beyond the stars and has called you home. I love you, Mom. I forgive you for anything that happened on our journey, as Christ has forgiven me. I remember you with great fondness for your protection and devotion through my youth. And I am forever grateful that you reside in a place beyond our wildest imagination that will provide you the love and protection that only eternal life with our Father can provide.

May the love you had for your children never be forgotten. I will carry this love for you until we meet again beyond the stars. And may those that remain know that you are forever loved.

Your son,

Christopher Eric Gaines


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